Renovate - Resurface - Remodel - Recreate Your Pool with the RePoolers!

Breath new life into your old pool! Whether it's new pool decking, new features or a complete remodel, RePoolers is here to help you get it done!

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Over 200+ Successful Projects and Still Counting

Making old pools good as new

Diligent Research

Your pool is a significant investment for your home and family. We take the time to make sure you are getting exactly what you want for years of enjoyment ahead!

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You have many options today when it comes to resurfacing and/or remodeling your pool. From new materials, to methods and colors, we make sure you know all your options.

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Quality Workmanship

We'll execute the plan for your renovated pool with the utmost care and professionalism, to deliver your 'new' pool on time and on budget.

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We use our experience to create yours

Has your pool been neglected for too long? Does is show signs of a by-gone era? Do you see new, modern pool designs and dream of having a pool like you see on TV? 

The RePoolers are here to tell you that you can make your old pool new again!

We love seeing the faces of our customers when they see their completed pool renovation. We love hearing the stories of how the kids are making so much more use of the newly resurfaced, rejuvenated pool or spa.  How what was once a neglected money pit is now the pride of the home.  Let us work our magic on your pool or hot tub! 


Discover how affordable resurfacing or remodeling your pool is

Contact us today and schedule a no obligation consultation.  We'll come have a look at your current pool or spa, and give you some options to consider along with 'ballpark' pricing.  

If you like the idea of what we propose, we will be happy to sit down and discuss the specifics and come up with a more precise quote for you to consider. 

The sooner we meet, the sooner you and your family will be enjoying your new pool together!

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